Cymbals for Worship

WHICH CYMBALS - for Worship?

We have many years of experience playing in a whole range of venues from old wooden community halls, outdoor stages and small, medium and large venues. While experience counts we have also actively sought out advice and feedback from people on our cymbals.

After hearing a plethora of opinions, advice and complaints from drummers, pastors, worship leaders and people in the congregation we have come up with a lineup of cymbals which we think will work well in a range of musical settings. 

We also offer a range of other tools for creating the sound that you need such as DrumsticksRed Baffles for refracting loud sounds, Vertical Drum Co. Drums, True Vibe Iso-Mounts and Snare Weights for drum dampening.

Suggestions for creating a great drum sound in church:

Have a conversation with the drummers on team about technique.
Ask them to play more dynamically and not simply pound away on the drums - play according to the room and song.
Use lighter sticks such as 7A, 8A or 5A (stay away from 2B sticks).
Choose darker cymbals over bright cymbals - the cymbals below are designed to be more dynamic and lower in volume.
Use dampeners such as Snareweights and/or lower tuning on the drums particularly the snare.
Play across the cymbals rather than straight down unto them.
We would also suggest putting more overheads in the drums IEM mix, mounting the cymbals lower and looser as well as angled towards the drummer. For more tips on cymbal care go to THIS page on our site.

Why not reach out and have a chat with us and organise a consultation to help you find what is needed for your church or worship setting.

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The Vertical Series

This series has been designed in consultation with worship drummers from churches such as Stairway Church, Hillsong, Planetshakers, Extreme Life Church, Neuma Church, Sandals Church and several others as well as drum maker and worship drummer, Josh from the Vertical Drum Co.
We were looking to create something special to be used in the worship setting which will provide a dynamic instrument that doesn’t interfere with the worship atmosphere but complements it. The crashes and rides have extra hammering to decrease the decay or length of sound. The hi-hats have a heavier raw bottom with a lighter top which can be switched around if needed.
Check out the demos below or on our YouTube Channel and get in touch if you are keen to try some out.

The Vertical 'Raw' Series

The Vertical Raw series is drier, thinner and definitely darker than the Vertical Series with a range of hammering styles applied to give the cymbals less wash, a shorter decay more low end buttery tones.
While on a drum shed road trip in the USA we chatted again with drum maker and worship drummer, Josh Rainey from the Vertical Drum Co. and came up with these sweet sounding cymbals.
Josh and I wanted to create something that was going to enable front of house engineers to put the overheads back into the mix and have control over the cymbals which in a lot of situations take over. These cymbals won't dominate the mix however they leave you with the option to turn up the overheads or down as the case may be.
Check out the demos below or on our YouTube Channel and get in touch if you are keen to try some out.



Traditional Dark Series

The Traditional Dark Series of Red Cymbals are similar to the Traditional Series but unlathed underneath which gives them a short decay and darker sound.

The Traditional Dark series are popular for use in a worship setting due to their controlled wash and yet clear projection. Check out the demos below or visit our YouTube Channel


Traditional Series

Traditional Series

The Traditional Series of Red Cymbals are medium to thin weight cymbals and can be custom made depending on the individual church or drummer's needs. The Traditional Series are designed to be responsive with a medium decay, buttery warm dark tones which also provide a wide dynamic range and presence.

To hear a demo of the cymbals click on the video below and visit our YouTube Channel for more videos:



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