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Drummer's Coffee Beans - Single Stroke Roll Single Origin

Drummer's Coffee Beans - Single Stroke Roll Single Origin

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The Single Stroke Roll is our first product in the 'Drummer's Coffee' range which we produced simply because we enjoy coffee - you don't have to be a drummer to drink our coffee! The coffee comes as beans in the bag however we can have the beans ground for you.

It is a single origin coffee with the beans sourced from Labareda farm near Sao Paulo in Brazil and roasted for us by our friends at Bermuda Coffee in the South East of Melbourne Australia.

Check out Ben from Bermuda chatting about Drummer's Coffee

Notes on the Coffee:

This is a beautifully complex coffee with a rich caramel body, syrupy sweetness, notes of roasted hazelnuts and a fine red apple finish. It's sure to be enjoyed by all coffee drinkers!

Tasting Notes: Caramel Fudge 
Process: Natural 
Region: Alta Mogiana
Altitude: 1250m
Arabica Varietal: Catuai Varietals 

The Brazil Labareda comes from the Alta Mogiana region in Sao Paulo and is grown by Flavia and Gabriel Oliviera. Coffee is in their blood - their families have been producing coffee for almost 150 years. Beans from this region have unique features and are known for exceptional quality, a striking aroma and a velvety creamy body.

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